The R.A.S.T.A. LAB is an Organic Fusion Vegan Cuisine that provides high grade, non-toxic ingredients. Rasta Lab is an acronym which means Resource, Activation, Station, Transformation, Acceleration Lab; which allows the individual to nourish and raise their energy levels. Through a holistic approach this cuisine is designed to satisfy the mind, body, and soul.


Before Rasta Lab, Sage was serving people privately for 10 years as part of a personal empowerment coach where food, energy and nutrition were integral components.

Sage was then led to a Spiritual Center in Venice Beach, California, where they were in need of a conscientious chef with organic ingredients and no animal cruelty. So began his public service and he launched Rasta Lab in 2013. It was a big hit. At the end of its lease, the Spiritual Center closed, and Sage began to focus primarily on catering parties, events and productions, and providing meals delivered to businesses and homes. Sage is called to many locations with bookings throughout the year.


The purpose of The Rasta Lab is to provide a healthy option to support a sustainable lifestyle of wellness through food; we do this by only selecting organic plant-based ingredients. We use Rasta Lab as a platform to feed and educate the individual that’s inspired to eat consciously and live an organic lifestyle. The intention of the Rasta Lab is to feed, motivate, inspire, and encourage the individual to have an alternative choice that’s nutritionally dense, fun and savory, to where you can have your cake and eat it too.


Rasta Lab is available for catering, corporate or small business boxed meal deliveries, retreats, weddings, TV & film productions (craft services), pop ups, events & festivals. Rasta Lab is an organic vegan high intentional food provider that offers delicious, savory comfort food with NO animal products or cruelty. 100% organic ingredients from produce, herbs, spices and oils. Designed to feed your mind, body, & soul. Caution: May be habit-forming and highly addictive.